Presley Design Studio

Graphic Design & Illustration

Graphic Design

From business cards to billboards to logos to cartoon characters, Presley Design Studio does it all. Our award-winning creative team delivers innovative, creative graphic design elements that give our clients a cut above their competition. Take it a step further and take advantage of our award-winning layout skills. Work with Presley on your brochures, postcards, rack cards, stationery, or whatever you may need to market your business. Let’s do this!

Custom Illustration

Our custom illustrations have drawn out a variety of projects, including infographics, icons, logos, and custom characters. We’ve created amazing super skunks, dogs, horses with dancers, trojans, crusaders, and so much more. The creative, unique options are endless.

Print Design & Print Services

After we’ve finalized the design, send your project to production! Our print products are extensive and offer amazing quality. Fast, reliable, cost-effective, and delivered to your door. We print a variety of high-quality items, including stationery, signage, stickers, multiple-page brochures, postcards, rack cards, and tradeshow displays! Don’t see what you need? Just ask!

Our Design Process

1. Brainstorm

Determine what's been done, what needs to be done, and goals moving forward.

2. Research

Research to determine how you and your competitors represent.

3. Scope

Detail the creative text, imagery, and advertising medium.

4. Design

Design to enhance your brand, giving you advantage over competitors.

5. Proof

Comb content and fine-tune design to ensure proper representation.

6. Print or Post

Make the design a reality. Go online or in print to spread the word.

How We Help You