Presley Design Studio

DIR Contract

Presley Design Studio is an approved vendor with Texas Department of Information Resources Cooperative Contracts Program for Comprehensive Web Development and Managed Services.

With over a decade of experience in MySQL database architecture, design, querying and maintenance, sites designed and developed by Presley Design Studio apply proven techniques and standards in HTML5, CSS3, PHP development, and JavaScript/JQuery.

We apply our extensive knowledge of user interface experience and award-winning design to generate fully responsive, industry-leading website design and development solutions.

Need content management? A shopping cart? A training module? WordPress implementation, custom enhancements and custom design aesthetics from the Presley Design Studio team will give you exactly what you need to represent online!

Our Web Development Process

1. Brainstorm

Whether brand new sites or redesigns, we meet with the client to discuss wants, needs, and website must-haves.

2. Research

During this milestone, we research your current web presence and see what your competitors have to offer.

3. Scope

During this milestone, we detail the text, imagery, and functionality that appear on the new site.

4. Design & Mockup

Design and develop a site that gives you competitive advantage in your industry.

5. Test & Launch

Test on common devices and browsers for responsiveness, accessibility, compatibility, and full website functionality.

6. Care & Maintenance

After launch, if client chooses the care plan, we ensure site code is kept current and content is fresh.

How We Help You

Graphic Design and Illustrations

Presley Design Studio can provide custom design from a business card to a billboard. Our experience in graphic design and illustration is proven in our work and satisfied clientele. We have extensive knowledge of a variety of print and marketing materials and are completely comfortable handling any print project no matter the size. We absolutely love data and pride ourselves in designing easy to understand, well thought out designs that are both beautiful and engaging.

Web Accessibility

Presley Design Studio has worked extensively to ensure specific projects adhere to Section 508 specifications and conform to strict accessibility guidelines. Presley Design Studio utilizes JAWS and NVDA screen reader software to assist in accessibility testing. Our designs follow best practice font placement, adequate white space for greater message impact, and color combinations that avoid the exclusion of color blind individuals.

Industry-Positioning Website Design

Presley Design Studio consistently delivers the highest quality coding techniques on all our web and mobile development projects. We have successfully been developing mobile-ready, responsive designs for several years utilizing the latest in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and other frameworks. Creating a unique and memorable website is at the forefront of everything we do online.

Web Usability

Usability testing is preformed during the entire design and development phases of any web project as well as quality assurance testing during and after launch. It is extremely important to understand the goal of each end product in order to effectively communicate those needs to the user in the easiest, most simple way possible.

Content Development / Copywriting

We frequently assist our clients with communications via social media, newsletters, press kits, website text, print materials, etc.

Web Content Management

Presley Design Studio utilizes the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack to create and develop advanced website applications including Content Management Systems. We work heavily with WordPress for it’s power, simplicity, and ease of use for both developers and the end user. WordPress is free, highly reliable, secure and expandable, powering over 40% of all websites on the web today.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Presley Design Studio has vast experience and knowledge in providing Search Engine Optimization to improve visibility across all platforms online. We excel at getting and keeping you at the top of Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. PDS relys on natural coding, development, and analytic techniques to position our clients in the highest possible location in organic search results.

Training, Maintenance, & Support

Presley Design Studio’s philosophy is The Golden Rule, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” We treat our clients with respect, we are timely, professional, articulate, and go the extra mile to support them as efficiently as possible. We have successfully hosted in-depth training sessions from one-on-one assistance to large groups and corporate training. We provide email, phone, web and even on-location support and maintenance.

Website Development, and Navigation Layout Consultation

Presley Design Studio utilizes JavaScript/JQuery, HTML5, CSS3, PHP development capabilities to develop our sites. We provide highly sophisticated coding techniques and practices and strive to stay up to date with all the latest standards. We consistently enhance our capabilities and offerings in web development. With a strong background and understanding in user experience, we develop tools that are interactive and engaging while remaining simple and easy to use. We pride ourselves on hand crafting every line of markup/code with the latest and proven techniques utilizing HTML5, CSS3 and PHP.Presley Design Studio also has decades of experience in MySQL database architecture, design, querying and maintenance. We have created and continue to support and maintain several dozen websites and advanced applications running on databases. Additionally, we have worked closely with educational facilities and government institutions and have a strong grasp of educational technologies needed to make effective tools for DIR Customers. We have developed extensive, database-driven websites for large continuing education websites consisting of over 14,000 students.

Turnkey Solutions

We use the best tools to improve and integrate software that best fits our client’s needs and expectations. PDS strives to provide turnkey websites and applications, allowing our clients to receive our products and services in a hassle-free package. Fresh branding concepts: Separating yourself from your competition is key in any branding effort. Presley Design Studio consistently delivers creative, new ways to brand, market and advertise any business. We gain insight into your business by discussing our clients goals, providing extensive industry research and offering valuable knowledge from over 12 years of professional experience. Unique, creative design is what we do.

How To Order

To place an order under contract DIR-TSO-4222, clients must reference DIR contract number DIR-TSO-4222 on all purchase orders:

Presley Design Studio, L. C.
503 N. Wall Street, Belton, Texas 76513

All projects that qualify under this contract will be estimated and invoiced at $99.74 per hour, a 10% discount off MSRP.

Our Warranty

Presley Design Studio works closely with our clients to ensure their satisfaction through the web development process. We extensively test the site for functionality issues and even development “bugs” discovered after site launch. While these are extremely rare, rest assured our estimates include time to test and repair such issues. Should the budget be depleted on the project, Presley Design Studio will repair true “bugs” up to 30 days after site launch, on us. Any requests for functionality adjustments or scope enhancements will be invoiced as incurred.