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KK Sub

+ Branding, Website


KK Sub, LLC is a Subway® Franchise with over 40 restaurant locations in Texas and New York.  This client selected Presley Design Studio to help them brand their corporate image and develop a stronger, more interactive web presence for their customers.

The client requested a timeless retro design scheme. The new KK Sub logo was built in conjunction with the website, successfully delivering on the retro design elements.  The color scheme chosen slightly hints at the iconic Subway® yellow while still giving KK Sub a separate identity.

There were also two major web development functionality requirements:  a zip code locator and a custom catering application.  We built these elements using PHP & MySQL, allowing customers to easily find nearest locations and then order their food directly off the website.  Lastly, the KK Sub team required the entire site to be completely editable.  Text, photos and even the ordering application itself are quickly modified using a custom back-end interface.

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